Melason Will Star in Their Own PHR Titled ‘Mana Po’!

The so-called "Prinsipe at Prinsesa ng Masa", Jason Francisco and Melai Cantiveros collectively called as Melason will star in their very own TV series via Precious Hearts Romances called "Mana Po"!

Melai and Jason are the well-loved loveteam! They were truly the No. 1 loveteam in the heart of masa! Their love story started in Pinoy Big Brother Double-Up then they were given a realiserye after they went out from the big house. These were "Melason In Love" and "Melason In The City"! They also starred in two TV series namely PHR "Impostor" and "Kokey @ Ako"!

Next year, they will have a new teleserye which is really tailored for them! Erick Salud and Katski Flores direct this said new soap.

Yes, this is a brand new story in PHR. The story in the book was not yet released! It's new! The book will be released alongside the premiere of their TV series.

"Mana Po" will premiere on the first quarter of 2011 and it will replace "Alyna"!

Are you excited for Melai and Jason?! Will this new TV series be clicked on the heart of many?! It's gonna another TV series full of laughter, fun, and humor! Good luck! C",)

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