Imortal's Animo't Panaginip - "The Salesman"

This is my favorite webisode of "Imortal"! It's entitled "The Salesman" which unveils the mystery of a successful salesman! And I really love the love scene! Hehe...

The MYX VJ and hunk model Marco Manalac plays the character of Borgy, the salesman in the story!

Almost every month, Borgy was being awarded as the Employee of the Month. He always got a big sale! And no one can ever defeat him in terms of sales!

Besides the customers, Borgy even got what he wants. He had a sex with his type saleslady! This is the part I love most! =)

What do you think is the mystery behind Borgy?!

One day, a rich customer went to their store. This is their target buyer!

Borgy now made his moves! He convinced the buyer to buy all the items he offers. But the customer refused to buy! Borgy then get angry and started to hypnotized the lady!

But Borgy's magic didn't work! He was captured by the lady! Yup, the lady buyer is a werewolf! And yes, Borgy is a vampire! This is the mystery behind his successful sales!

Now let's all watch this very great and naughty webisode of "Anino't Panaginip" called "The Salesman"! Marco Manalac is really very good in portraying such role! Actually we can see Marco now in "Imortal" TV series playing one of the vampires! Nice! Goodluck Marco! More power! C",)

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