Imortal's Animo't Panaginip - "The Hikers"

Another mysterious chapter in Imortal's "Anino't Panaginip" was presented. This is all about the story of the group of hikers who eventually lost!

Do you think this is real or not?!

Three years ago, six teenagers went on hiking in the mountains of Rizal. Then suddenly disappeared! According to reports, up to this time, their bodies were not yet found!

These six teenagers happily went on this trip. But when the night comes, each of them got lost!

Then suddenly they heard a shouting sound near them. So, they decided to find what really is it or what's happening in their place. One by one, the six teenagers disappeared!

The webisode put a mystery in our mind! What do you think happens to these teenagers?! Did the vampires killed them?! Or is there's a possibility that werewolves ate them?! What do you think?!

So, let's give your own conclusion after you watch this thrilling webisode of Imortal's "Anino't Panaginip"! This is the last webisode of "Anino't Panaginip" for this year. It will resume on 2011! Expect next year, more new exciting webisodes will be seen! Nice one "Imortal"! You're really the best! Two thumbs up! C",)

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