A Hot Rainy Day with Gerald Anderson!

The Golden Boy and the hottest young leading man Mr. Gerald Anderson was best known as a savior during the typhoon "Ondoy" since he saved many lives through swimming in the flood! But did you know that Gerald really loves to play under the rain and swim in the flood?!

Yup, actually here is a very cool video footage of the hunk Gerald Anderson courtesy of blasphemymike taken during the rainy nlast week of November!

Gerald together with his playmates is really enjoying the rain. They took a bath in the rain and swam in the mini-flood!

Actually his playmate was a dog! Yeah a dog named JR! Hahaha! He patterned the name of his dog to JR after his character in the hit TV series "Tayong Dalawa"!

Gerald is topless playing with his dog under the rain! Look how enthusiast he was in this video! So cool! Actually, he made this cool rainy day extremely hot with his yummy body! His moves were really funny! We also love the dogs he was playing to! Nice!

Well, let's all watch this hot rainy day video of Gerald Anderson! Thanks to blasphemymike for uploading this one! Gerald Anderson is really the hottest male young actor today! Keep it up Ge! Great! It sizzles! C",)

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