Francine Prieto is the New Vampire in 'Imortal'!

A new character in the hit phenomenal vampire-werewolf TV series "Imortal" was recently introduced! She is the sexy hot actress Ms. Francine Prieto who plays as one of the vampires!

Her character immediately appeared during the confrontation scene of Samantha (Maricar Reyes) and her father Magnus (Jake Roxas) during the scene where Sam admitted that she loves Mateo !

At first, I thought Francine's character is the mother of Samantha! But actually, she plays a different thing!

Francine is very glamorous and beautiful! Well, exactly because she is playing a former beautiful actress of Sampaguita Picture! All her former leading men who were also her lovers were already dead! She's the only one who remains alive and remains beautifully young since she's a vampire having an immortal life!

Yup, Francine's character here is a lover of Magnus! She has a romantic relation with Sam's vampire father Magnus who also owns a secret!

What do you think will Francine's part in the life and love story of Lia (Angel Locsin) and Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz)?! Will she be the powerful enemy of Lia as well as the werewolf government?! Or will she become the counterpart of Lucille (Vivian Velez)?! What do you think?!

Well, the addition of Ms. Francine Prieto in this hit TV series really adds more spice and excitement in the story! She's another new reason why people were getting hooked over "Imortal"! We're really excited for her scenes! It seems she will bring more mysteries in the show! C",)

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  1. ang seksi talaga ni francine prieto.. hope to see her sa mga susunod pang mga series sa ABSCBN