Spotlight: Jerry Yan, A Salute to the King of Asianovela!

He is popularly known as Dao Ming Si, the leader of the Taiwanese F4 having everything who fall inlove with the ordinary girl named San Cai in the first-ever Asianovela craze in the country "Meteor Garden"! In real life, he is Jerry Yan!

Seeing Jerry Yan, I remember "Meteor Garden" and my third year college days! Yup, I was only a third year college student when "Meteor Garden" first aired in our country in 2003. It was May 2003 and I was having my OJT when everybody got crazy with the F4 and with "Meteor Garden"! All my schoolmates and all the people all over the country really felt the so-called 'F4 Fever'! And among the Taiwanese F4, Jerry Yan stood up!

Yup I admit, I'm also become a fan of F4 and Asianovela. "Meteor Garden" is really one of my favorites! And it reminded me of many college memories!

And I'm so glad that the hottest F4 member, its leader Jerry Yan is once again seen on TV!

The so-called "First and True Home of Asianovela" ABS-CBN now dubbed Mr. Jerry Yan as the "King of Asianovela"! No doubt and no objection, with all his achievements, Jerry Yan is definitely the king!

But who is really Jerry Yan? Do you already know him very well?! Why is it he deserves to be called as the "King of Asianovela"?!

Today, let us move the spotlight to the one and only Jerry Yan!

Jerry Yan was born on January 1, 1977 having a birth name of Liao Yangzhen!

With his character as Dao Ming Si who dedicated and devoted everything in his life for the love of San Cai (Barbie Zu), he began to capture the hearts and attention of many viewers! He eventually rise in stardom! He became famous not only here in the Philippine but all over in Asia! Jerry and Barbie before became the hottest Asian loveteam because of their first ever tandem in the successful "Meteor Garden"!

Besides being an actor and a heartthrob, Jerry Yan is also known as a singer! Jerry's first album was in 2004 and the second was in 2009. Both albums has convinced many of his singing skills and that he is not just an idol.

After playing the character of Dao Ming Si in "Meteor Garden", he portrayed the character of Dr. Su Yi Hwa in the 2006 non-idol drama "The Hospital" which co-stars Leon Dai. So sad that we didn't able to watch it aired here in the Philippines! This said TV series was the breakthrough drama which convinced many that Jerry Yan can achieve more than just a one-time success in "Meteor Garden"!

After "The Hospital", Jerry continues his success in terms of TV series via other more TV series like "HotShot" (2008), "Starlit" (2009) and in today's hottest current comedy-romance "Down With Love" opposite Ella Chen!

"Meteor Garden", "Love Scar",, "Hot Shot", and "Down With Love" were some of the popular TV series of Jerry Yan which we were able to watch. But do you know the other TV series of Jerry Yan?!

Well, let's enumerate below all the TV series of this King of Asianovela from present backward:

* "Pandamen" (2010)
* "Down With Love" (2010)
* "Starlit" (2009)
* "Hot Shot" (2008)
* "The Hospital" (2006)
* "Meteor Garden II" (2002)
* "Come to My Place" (2002)
* "Love Scar" (2001)
* "Meteor Rain" (2001)
* "Meteor Garden" (2001)
* "Spicy Teacher" (2000)

He even starred in the movie called "Magic Kitchen" in 2004. He also had his two TV shows namely "ABCDEF4" (2001) and "Meteor Dream Garden" (2002)!

As a solo artist, he had 3 albums namely "Jerry For You" (2004), "Freedom" (2009), and "My Secret Lover" having CD1 and CD2 which is his 2010 Collection Album! These 3 albums were exclusive of his other more albums together with the F4 band!

Now do you convince why Jerry Yan is termed as the "King of Asianovela"?! Or you may want to give him a new title since he dominates not only the world of TV series but also the music scene! What do you think?!

And aside from these, do you remember that Jerry Yan also became one of the Bench model endorser?!

Keep it up Jerry Yan! You're really the best! Currently his Chinovela "Down With Love" is leading the Nationwide TV ratings for daytime race! Nice! More power to you and to your co-stars! C",)

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