Rayver Cruz in The Bar's 'Let's Do the Twist' TV Commercial!

Rayver Cruz shows his new dance steps via the tune of "Let's Do The Twist" in the latest TV commercial of The Bar!

Yup, Rayver Cruz is the latest endorser of this youngsters' favorite liquor. After Jake Cuenca and Angelica Panganiban, The Bar gives us a fresh new face via Rayver! Since this wine introduces us their new flavor, definitely, a brand new face will endorse it to us!

Unlike Jake and Angelica who gave us their sexy sweet tandem in the previous commercials of The Bar, Rayver on the other hand shows us his great skills in dancing. He gives us his so-called 'twisting' moves! So nice! We were really got entertained seeing his dance moves!

Seems that Rayver is very blessed as of this days. After having a big role in the hit sexy series "Kristine" as Lance Navarro, Rayver also got many different endorsements. And The Bar is one of those!

Are you ready to get twist?! Well, let's do the twist with Rayver Cruz as he endorses the new flavor of The Bar via this cute TV commercial! Very entertaining! Great one Rayver! C",)

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