Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto's Tandem in 'Midnight DJ' This Saturday!

Finally the much awaited reunion of the real-life lover Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto will finally seen this coming Saturday in TV5's horror series "Midnight Phantom"!

Previously, I have posted here about the special guest appearance of Ms. Kristine Hermosa in this TV show of Oyo Boy. Now, we will finally witness it!

This upcoming episode of "Midnight DJ" is very relevant to Tin-tin and Oyo. Yup, the topic is all about wedding!

Maybe this next episode of "Midnight DJ" is really tailored to fit them. Since we all knew that Oyo and Kristine is about to get wed, the story seems to patterned in their real life situation.

Kristine Hermosa plays the character of a lady who will going to marry her boyfriend, the character of the hunk actor-model Ron Morales. But a mystery will prevail this upcoming marriage of Tin and Ron.

Samboy (Oyo Boy Sotto) discovered that the character of Ron is a monster! Camouflage by his gorgeous handsome and hunky look, Ron' character is a monster who kills people! On the day of Ron and Kristine's wedding, Samboy came and prevents the wedding of the beautiful girl to a monster!

Will Samboy be successful in preventing this wedding?! What will happen to this monster now that his secret was discovered?! Will he killed Samboy and his fiance?! And how come as shown in the teaser that Samboy and Kristine's character were married?!

It's gonna be another horrifying episode this coming Saturday night in "Midnight DJ" only in TV5! It's really a must-see edition as Kristine, Oyo, and Ron bring another story of terror in our weekend! Great! C",)

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