Kaye Abad Now Plays Villain in PHR's 'Alyna'!

Ms. Kaye Abad now transforms into a more daring character in the hit afternoon TV series "Alyna"!

For many years, we have witnesses Kaye playing kind, sweet, and lead roles in the different TV series. But now, a brand new Kaye is seen in this afternoon soap. Kaye Abad is now playing the character of Lilet, an antagonist against Shaina Magdayao.

But aside from being antagonist, she is now hotter!

Kaye Abad is one of the "Precious Hearts Romances Presents" favorites. She made a remarkable role as Femi, a sweet lady who pretends to be a nun in the previous hit PHR episode "Somewhere In My Heart" opposite Guji Lorenzana. Now she returns in this hit pocketbook adaptation but not anymore as a kind girl. Rather, a hatred Lilet!

Lilet will do everything just to get the man she loves. She will steel Dominic (Jason Abalos) from Alyna (Shaina Magdayao) the same way she did to Rex (Sid Lucero)! She will add more pains to the ill heart of Alyna!

Actually, "Alyna" is the second TV series of Kaye and Shaina together. They were first together in the Mexiconovela adaptation "Rubi" wherein Kaye played as a loving and kind auntie of Rubi. But now she portrays the character of a villain!

And besides being a kontrabida, Kaye is so sexy in this soap. Many of the scenes here in "Alyna" show Kaye wearing only two piece!

Kaye, Shaina, Jason, and Sid were really hot in this TV series. Their hotness and sexiness beside the good twist and storyline of this soap make "Alyna" a top-rating afternoon teleserye! And because of its high TV rating, "Alyna" is extended until January 2011! Nice!

As a typhoon will hit Rancho Del Carmen, what will be its consequence to the life and love story of Alyna, Rex, Dominic, and Lilet? What more Lilet can do in the name of love and vengeance?!

So, let's stay tune to this hot afternoon TV series daily right after "Juanita Banana" only in ABS-CBN! C",)

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