'Tween Hearts' Continuously Captivating Teens!

The newest teen-oriented mini-series of GMA-7 called "Tween Hearts" is continuously captivating teen viewers as well as other youngsters and young at hearts.

This Sunday afternoon series of the Kapuso network becomes the favorite of many. Besides having a high rating for its first two episodes in its timeslot which beat its rival show, "Tween Hearts" somewhat became talk of many teens!

Well probably because, more new and fresh faces of teen stars were here in this show!

The hottest teen love teams of the Kapuso network namely Barbie Forteza and Joshua Dionisio and Bea Binene and Jake Vargas uplift the rating of the show. Since they were already seen before in the different TV programs of GMA-7 like "First Time", "Stairway To Heaven", and "Pilyang Kerubin", they already caught the taste of many viewers!

Of course the other new fresh faces like Joyce Ching, Kristoffer Martin, Lexi Fernandez, Louise de los Reyes and Derek Monasterio added spice to the show! Since they were new and fresh, they can easily get the attention and attraction of many!

And even the story of this mini-series perfectly fits for teens! Yup, teenagers can easily adapt to it since it tackles a lighter story about the challenges, conflicts, rivalries, secrets, crushes, and friendships undergone by every teens!

This Sunday, this teen TV series will now on its third episode! In this episode, more exciting discoveries will be revealed as these teenagers embark on their individual journeys of self-discovery, friendship, rivalry and romances!

So don't miss this new offering from the Kapuso network. "Reel Love Presents: Tween Hearts" is such another remarkable youth-oriented TV series to date! Cool! C",)

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  1. I labbss tWeen Hearts....:)) the OrigInal Teen sHows :))