'Tayong Dalawa' Trio Returns in Trio Scents!

Besides having a new movie called "Till My Heartaches End", Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson's tandem is truly strong and unbeatable as these two hottest love team is also part of the newly launched Trio Scents from Bench! And they were not only two, they were three!

The sexy hunk actor Jake Cuenca also reunites Kimerald! Yup, it seems that the hottest "Tayong Dalawa" love triangle got their reunion via this new endorsement. Audrey, Dave, and JR returns in this new product!

Here are some of their photos during the launch of the product:

Kim, Gerald, and Jake represents the three new scents of Bench. Each scents represents the qualities of these three hottest young stars today!

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson were in pair in representing the lovely scents. It definitely describes how sweet their tandem and chemistry is!

Meanwhile, the undress and the exposed scents were represented by the ultimate sexy hunk Jake Cuenca! Yup, Jake is really sexy in his billboard for this scent. He is almost nude showing his steamy sexy and yummy body!

Well, besides different intrigues thrown to Kimerald, their love team is truly unbeatable! No one can even pull them apart. Still, they stand strong against all odds! Their new movie and these new endorsements are some of the proofs that Kimerald is the strongest and still the hottest and unfaded!

And of course, Jake Cuenca is truly the hottest and the favorite male endorser today! His sizzling personality is really love by others! Nice one idol Jake!

Hmmm...when can we see again these three hottest young stars together in the new TV series or in one big movie project?! C",)

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