'Koreana', Another New Trend in Afternoon Drama!

After remaking many Korean series, GMA-7 then decided to do a TV series which has a touch of Koreanovela! This is "Koreana", a new afternoon TV series that merged the Filipino and Korean cultures!

Another Kapuso top young talent and Starstruck alumni, Kris Bernal is the lead star of this new soap. Two other Starstruck hunk graduates, Rocco Nacino and Steven Silva will be the two leading men and love interest of Kris.

It's nice to know that another Magallona is part of this new soap. She is Saab Magallona, the sister of Maxene and Elmo! Saab will be Kris' kontrabida' in this TV series!

Below are some of its main young characters:

Kris Bernal as Jenna

Rocco Nacino as Benjo

Steven Silva as Joshua

Sab Magallona as Ivy

Luigi Revilla as Jess

Kris Bernal will play the character of Jenna. Jenna is a a strong-willed and kindhearted Korean-Filipina who dreams of returning to her roots, and reuniting with her biological family. Her life is full of mysteries. She was adopted by the character of Lotlot De Leon after a tragic story in the past.

Rocco Nacino and Steven Silva were the two men of Jenna having opposing characters. Rocco will play the rebellious Benjo while Steven will take on the role of Joshua, an uptight and goal-oriented half-Korean!

To give you a very quick synopsis, the story of "Koreana" begins twenty years ago when Nerissa (Angelu de Leon), a Filipina caregiver falls in love with Philip (Marco Morales), a wealthy Korean national based in the Philippines. Defying conventional Korean standards, their relationship will earn the ire of Chang Hee Jung (Eddie Garcia), Philip’s father, who strongly resents his son’s decision of falling in love with a non-Korean. After that, the story then revolves to Jenna from her childhood 'till the present!

Completing the cast are Sab Magalona as Ivy, Violeta’s daughter; Sylvia Sanchez as Madam Sandra, Josefina’s sister, Joyce Ching as Amy, Joshua’s younger sister; Luigi Revilla as Jess, Amy’s friend; Dinky Doo as Enok, Chang Hee Jung’s driver; and Grace Lee as Alexandra, Joshua’s ex-girlfriend.

Well, let see how Filipino and Korean culture merge in this brand new soap of the Kapuso network. Let also see how "Koreana" will change the usual afternoon habit we have starting this afternoon right after "Trudis Liit" in the afternoon block of GMA-7! C",)

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