Meet the New 'Mara Clara'!

ABS-CBN recently announced that they will going to remake the hit 90's Judy Ann Santos-Gladys Reyes soap opera "Mara Clara". Then eventually, they already named the two young stars that will portray the roles of this generation's Mara and Clara!

Push, the entertainment website of ABS-CBN also shows the new young ladies that would assume the former characters of Juday and Gladys. They were Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes.

Kathryn Bernardo will be the new Mara while Julia Montes will be the new Clara!

Kathryn Bernardo as Mara

Julia Montes as Clara

Kathryn Bernardo was first known in the fantasy series "Super Inggo". She was paired with Makisig Morales who played as "Super Inggo" while Kathryn portrayed the role of Maya. She was a socialite girl in the series.

But prior with that, Kathryn was first seen in "Krystala"! Yup, it is interesting to note that Kathryn before portrayed the young Judy Ann Santos in that fantaserye. Now she will once again assumed the former role of the young superstar.

Aside from that two fantaseryes, recently Kathryn Bernardo played the young Marian Rivera in "Endless Love" and the young Gretchen Barretto in "Magkaribal"! Yeah, another interesting thing since we may recall that these two drama series aired at the same time and start at the same pilot date. Kathryn was both seen at the same time in both the two rival networks as she both portrayed the young Jenny and the young Victoriya!

Kathryn Bernardo is also a "Going Bulilit" graduate. She already appeared in the different episodes of MMK!

Meanwhile Julia Montes' role as the antagonist Clara is a big challenge to her. For the first time, she will portray a big role as a 'Primera Kontrabida'! I know you already saw how wicked the role of Gladys Reyes before as Clara. Imagine that for Julia!

Julia's screen name was also changed. Before, she was known as Mara Montes. To avoid confusion, her name now was changed to Julia!

Now, what do you think?! Do these two young stars deserve to be the next Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes as they will portray the new "Mara Clara"?! C",)

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