The Making of 'Imortal'!

Yesterday night, the weeknight showbiz-oriented show on Primetime, SNN ("Showbiz News Ngayon") features a very special and a very important episode. Yup, SNN Special presents "The Making of Imortal"!

On this so special episode, they showed us how this highly-anticipated vampire-werewolf fantasy series was made! Starting from the special effects up to the more detail profs and production, they shared with us.

Of course, they also told us a quick synopsis of the story, how "Imortal" started was looked back. Yeah, the story originates from the previous hit TV series of Angel and Piolo called "Lobo"!

The main stars like Ms. Angel Locsin, Mr. John Lloyd, and the Pinoy Rock singer Rico Blanco also shared their experience in doing this hi-tech state of the art TV series! Directors, writers, and other staffs also talked about the behind the scenes in making this show!

Well, due to insisted public demand, here is an episode of SNN last October 1, 2010 featuring the making of our favorite "Imortal"! Nice one! Superb! C",)

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