The 2010 TV Series Craze Awards: "Most Promising Male New Face"!

They were hot, cute, and handsome! They were fresh and new! They start capturing our hearts for the very first time! They were the promising male new faces. But who among them is the most promising?!

Ronnie, Lucas, Adonis...and other more to mention! They were the new leading men who were given a big break just this year! Even though they were very new, they immediately caught our hearts and created an impact on TV! Now, it's time to pick the best among these new hot guys?!

Who among them is your dream boy?! Who is your crush?! Who is the sexiest?! Who's the cutest?! Well, it's time to pick your choice! Speak up your heart and mind!

Here are the nominees for the "Most Promising Male New Face" category:

Matteo Guidicelli

Rico Blanco

Rocco Nacino

Enzo Pineda

Jason Francisco

Tom Rodrguez

Xian Lim

Who among them is really the hottest?! Who among these new studs easily captures your attention?! Who is your type?! Who among them you love the most?!

Once again, cast your votes for these new hot men! Pick among them your choice! Who do you think will be most successful leading man in showbiz later on?! Well, choice through votes!

Voting starts now! Deadline will be on January 15, 2011! Announcement of winners will be announced afterward!

So start picking your choice! This is the most exciting poll survey of the year! This is a special poll survey that will awards the very first TV Series Craze Award! So be the first to take part in this most exciting interactive poll survey in the blogsphere! Goodluck and vote wisely! C",)

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