Gladys Reyes and Julia Montes, The Original and The New 'Clara' Face-Off!

After Kathryn Bernardo who meets Judy Ann Santos in a crown like turn-over of the role of Mara, the original and the new kontrabida then had a face-off!

Termed as the 'New Bella Flores', the 'Primera Kontrabida' Ms. Gladys Reyes then meets this new generation's upcoming kontrabida, Julia Montes!

Julia Montes is now our new Clara in the upcoming TV series remake project of ABS-CBN called "Mara Clara"! Gladys 'maldita' power is then transfered to Julia!

Just like Ms. Judy Ann who is now hails as the "Queen of Teleserye" and the young superstar because of "Mara Clara", Gladys Reyes then got her crown as the queen but in the field of being a kontrabida and antagonist! Yup, Gladys is very effective playing the role of a kontrabida! Eveybody really hates her as she portrays the wicked character!

In this new teaser, Gladys 'maldita' look and attack to the character seems unfaded! It's truly "walang kakupas-kupas"! So effective! Hmmm...will Julia Montes be as effective as Gladys Reyes afterwards?! We'll see!

Once more, here is another new teaser of "Mara Clara" showing the meeting of Gladys Reyes and Julia Montes as the original and the new Clara! Again, a lot of thanks to Mr. Eric John Salud for uploading this video! By now, I really can't wait and see this very beautiful teleserye remake of ABS-CBN! Another excellent TV series! Two thumbs up! C",)

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