Jake Roxas Returns as a Hot Vampire in 'Imortal'!

Former 90's hottie and one of the "TGIS" hunk, Jake Roxas made a great comeback in showbiz via "Imortal"!

Jake is playing the role of Marcus, a sexy hot vampire in this top-rating fantasy series of ABS-CBN. He is a villain, the head of the vampires and the mortal enemy of the werewolf people in this highly-anticipated TV series!

Jake is one of the most important character in "Imortal". His new role as a vampire is very much appreciated by many and really avidly watch!

What's really in Jake that made him a very effective vampire?!

Well, one of the qualities that makes Jake as an effective vampire villain is his strong appearance and sexy body! Jake having a white skin and a long hair in the first episodes of "Imotal" greatly convinced people of his new role. What more, his sexy body really fits him as a vampire! Every vampire that we all know got a very sexy body which they use to seduce people! And Jake have it! In the pilot episode of this TV series, Jake's steamy body was exposed. He was topless showing his sexiness in one of their scene with Jomari Yllana!

Besides his physical appearance, Jake also possesses his skills in acting! Yup, he is one of the best actors to date. I just don't know why he was not given big breaks before. Maybe now, he can be lineup with our different sexy leading men. Playing as a 'bampira kontrabida' is really effective for Jake!

Jake is also thankful that after years of being stagnant in showbiz, he was finally given another chance to be part of a big project. Before he said to himself, "when I return to showbiz, I will choose to be a Kapamilya"! And his wish is now granted! He's now one of the important Kapamilya stars!

Now on the latest episode of "Imortal", Jake playing the role of Marcus got a new look. He is now more handsome having a short hair unlike before which he really look like a vampire to scare with. Now, he is more look like a human! He raised his daughter, the character of Maricar Reyes who is also a villain vampire!

So, let's all catch the brand new Jake Roxas playing the hot vampire Marcus in the phenomenal werewolf-vampire fantasy series, "Imortal" every night in Primetime Bida right after "Noah" only in ABS-CBN! Jake will surely put our cold nights on fire! Awesome! C",)

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