'Imortal' Premieres at No. 2 Nationwide!

The much anticipated biggest project of ABS-CBN featuring Ms. Angel Locsin and Mr. John Lloyd Cruz, "Imortal" got a very successful premiere episode. It bites all its rival programs Nationwide!

According to the Kantar Media (formerly TNS), this vampire-werewolf fantasy TV series got a victorious 34.4% TV ratings over its rival program which only got a 22.7% score. This put the Angel Locsin-John Lloyd Cruz fantaseye on the No. 2 spot in the Top 20 Nationwide TV programs.

Both Angel and John Lloyd were very thankful for the very much success of their first fantasy series together. They were very grateful that people were really keep an eye on the pilot episode of their show.

Later I will post the very latest complete Top 20 Nationwide TV ratings during the start of "Imortal"!

To Ms. Angel Locsin, Mr. John LLoyd Cruz, Direk Chito Rono, ABS-CBN, and the rest of the casts, staffs, and people behind "Imortal", congratulations! Another big success! A job well-done! Another remarkable TV series in the history of Philippine television! Great! Great! Great! C",)

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