A Bloody Pilot Episode of 'Imortal'!

Almost all the people worldwide stuck in their TV screen to watch the grand premiere of this highly-anticipated vampire-werewolf fantasy TV series called "Imortal"! The pilot episode is really superb!

The story opened in a heroic act of Lyka (Angel Locsin's character in "Lobo") as she fought the killer vampires. When her little daughter Lia (little Angel Locsin now in "Imortal") was about to bite by the powerful vampire Marcus (Jake Roxas), Lyka eventually saved her daughter leading her to be bitten by the vampire. These caused her sudden death!

Before Lyka totally passed away, the story of the beginning of the battle between the werewolf and the vampires flashed back!

The vampires either killed the people or converted them into vampires. But, people found saviors in the creatures called werewolf. These started the fight between the vampires and the werewolf 100 years ago!

Then the father (Jomari Yllana) of Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) conversion into a vampire was also narrated. When he was already a vampire, he fell inlove with a normal beautiful lady (Precious Lara Quigaman). These paved the way for the birth of the most powerful vampire!

At the same time during the birth of this most powerful vampire, another most powerful werewolf was born! These two most powerful creatures were about to fight, to be the mortal enemy later on!

Five years later during the childhood of Lia on her birthday, a tragic accident happened to his father Noah (Piolo Pascual of "Lobo"). His car eventually exploded!

So very awesome pilot episode! I can't help to watch it over and over again! And I know you really want to watch it again too! So due to insisted public demand, here is the complete pilot episode of "Imortal" for us to watch again and again! Congratulations Angel Locsin, John Lloyd Cruz, ABS-CBN, and Direk Chito Rono for these hi-tech modernized fantasy TV series! Excellent! It really deserves a well-round of applause! Good job! C",)

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