'Idol' Now on Its Final Week!

"As much as we want to prolong the show but due to constraints in production, schedules & difficulty in daily tapings, Idol will not able to fulfill its 10-13 week term on air. Mahirap magpaalam lalo pa at naging malapit na sa mga puso natin ang Idol. Patuloy po sana nating suportahan ang Idol hanggang sa huli nitong linggo...!"

That was according to Biboy Arboleda, Advertising and Promotion Head of this musical TV series! Yeah, you heard it right! The Sarah Geronimo-Coco Martin-Sam Milby first ever team-up will finally end this coming week. It will end earlier than its supposed to be ending which is 10-13 weeks. "Idol" only aired on TV for the span of 8 weeks.

Well, besides the reasons given by its head, we may notice that "Idol" got a very poor performance in terms of the TV rating race. It was always defeated by its rival show. And it seems that this show was not that accepted by televiewers.

So, what's the need to lengthen the show? Yup, the network is right to terminate it earlier on TV rather than totally magsawa na ang tao...! Anyweiz, Sarah, Coco, and Sam have better more projects to come. Sarah will be doing her new movie and will become more busy in launching her albums and doing different concerts. Of course Sam and Coco have other more exciting TV series to come!

So, don't feel sad! The decision for early bidding goodbye of "Idol" is just a better move! More power to the three of you! C",)

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