The Full Trailer of 'Till My Heartaches End'!

Everybody really awaits this romantic movie of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. Though the hottest love team of this generation, the Kimerald is experiencing trials and challenges, fans still supported their tandem.

The movie seems to fit their current condition. And maybe, their film was patterned to their situation now. Gerald admitted in their presscon that he is continuously hurting Kim. But Kim still accepts him! Bea Alonzo is the third party that seems wrecked the relationship of Kim and Gerald.

Will this movie be the last film of Kim and Gerald? Will we see then having different partners on their next projects? Will they two still effective as a hot pair in this movie?!

Well, as many requested, here is the full trailer of the latest Kimerald's movie 'Till My Heartaches End under the direction of Jose Javier Reyes from Star Cinema. Hope that the heartaches of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson finally ends! Good luck to your movie! C",)

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