Get to Know the Cast of 'Imortal'!

Hours to go and we will finally witness tonight the much-awaited fantasy TV series of the year!

After we learned about "Imortal" as well as watching its teasers, trailers, and behind the scenes, time now to know more about its main cast.

The official website of "Imortal" is finally up. From this website, we can also learn many things about this vampire-werewolf TV series. Images, videos, theme songs, and other things about "Imortal" can be browse there.

Today, let me discuss to you the cast and characters of this new TV series.

The website called describes some of the important casts and characters of "Imotal". And here is it:


Honor was taken away from her when her heroic mother was branded a traitor by the whole of Lobo kind. Now, bearing the mark of her mother's shame and treated like a slave, Lia is doing everything she can to clear her mother's name and restore her standing in the powerful world of Taong Lobos. But to do this, she must first unleash the power that is sleeping inside her.


Among the most powerful and influential Waya, Abraham has been a loyal ally of the former Punong Bantay Lyka. Even up to this day, he remains to be a loyalist to her, supporting Lyka’s daughter, Lia, against the wishes of the present leadership of the taong lobos. But his criticism against the leaders have caused him enemies.


To humans, Lucile is the CEO of the influential business group, the Waya Incorporated. But she is actually the Punong Bantay, the most powerful leader of the Taong Lobos. Ruling the Taong Lobos with an iron hand, she holds on to power no matter what, determined to take down anyone who dares to get in her way, especially if it turns out to be Lia – the daughter of the woman she loathes the most.


He is the heir to a huge real estate empire but Lucas wants nothing to do with the life that is already waiting for him. Instead, he stumbles into the world of Taong Lobos and vampires where he fights to gain the love of a lifetime. But as he starts to see his humanity as his weakness, he gets sucked into a war that will test just how human he is in the end.


A real estate mogul, Simon is a shrewd and very ambitious person. He is Lucas’ father but has never treated Lucas like a loved son. Instead, Simon favoured Mateo, an orphan he picked up from the streets. For Simon, the most important thing is to be on top whatever it takes - a belief that he is able to impart to Mateo.


Daughter of the most powerful woman in the Taong Lobo world and being groomed to take over the reins of the Lobo leadership, Clarisse is used to getting her own way but love shows her that there are just some things she cannot force and manipulate.

Hayz...I really can't wait and see for this one! But the long wait will be over tonight! Right after "Noah", time to stick and stay tune on TV, wala nang tayuan as "Imortal" will have its grand TV premiere! Nice! C",)

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