Andi Eigenmann and Felix Rocco in the Second Episode of 'Your Song Presents: Andi'!

The first episode of the newly dressed Your Song Presents featuring Ms. Andi Eigenmann is very successful! Andi's first team-up with her real-life mother, Ms. Jacklyn Jose is very much appreciated by viewers!

In terms of the TV ratings, "Andi" got a score of 11% leaving "Reel Love Presents Tween Hearts" of GMA-7 with 8.9% last October 10, 2010 based on the national ratings provided by Kantar Media. This move of ABS-CBN to reformat "Your Song Presenrs" is indeed a very successful one! Nice!

This Sunday, another brand new episode will be witnessed in "Andi". For the very first time, two royal children will be paired. Andi Eigenmann and Felix Rocco's team-up will be seen in the second episode of this Sunday afternoon mini-series.

The story is about teenage pregnancy. Andi will play the role of Vivian, a wealthy girl who will fall in love with a waiter named Edgar (Felix Rocco). Unexpectedly, Vivian will get preggy!

How will the family of Andi accept the situation she got?! Will they allow Edgar to be part of their wealthy clan?! Will Edgar stand out for his girlfriend?!

Felix was first paired with Empress Schuck in an afternoon fantasy series "Rosalka". Now, Felix will also have a new leading lady in the persona of Andi. Will these two royal pair posted a perfect tandem?! Do they have chemistry?! Well, we'll see this Sunday in "Your Song Presents: Andi" only in ABS-CBN right after ASAP XV! C",)

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