Earhquakes and Volcanic Eruptions Feature in 'Anatomy of Disaster'!

"Anatomy of a Disaster", GMA-7's monthly environmental series will feature earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in their coming episode this Sunday. This is the third installation of the said documentary program since August. Mr. Richard Gutierrez is still the host of this special disaster documentary series.

Since the Philippines falls within the so-called "Pacific Ring of Fire", we are susceptible to a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. As a quick trivia, did you know that our country experiences 20 earthquakes everyday?! Yup, some were not that strong so we didn't actually feel it! These were some of the reason why the Kapuso network chose this topic for the month!

After tackling about typhoons, storms, and other natural disasters, this documentary program will now focus on earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Besides lying on the "Pacific Ring of Fire", our country also has many volcanoes. Some were active while some were dormant!

Richard Gutierrez will make a quick run-down of the country's most popular volcanoes scattered all over the archipelago, both active and dormant. He will also embark on a treacherous journey as he examines one of the more scenic but complex active volcanoes in the country, the Taal Volcano, which at the time of his visit was at alert level 1.

Aside from these, we will learn more trivia about volcanoes and earthquakes. The host will also share different survival tips from volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. It's gonna be another must-see TV program this coming Sunday in SNBO!

So let us all catch one again the Green Peace advocate Mr. Richard Gutierrez as he hosted the third installation of "Anatomy of Disaster" this October 31, 2010 in SNBO only in GMA-7! Exciting! C",)

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