Rubi and Victoria Together in One New Teleserye!

At first we see them clashing with a 'word war' against each other before the start of "Magkaribal" since it smells jealousy between the real-life girlfriend of Derek Ramsey, Angelica Panganiban and Gretchen Barretto. It was because when the leading lady of Derek Ramsey in this soap asked Derek to give her his picture...his solo picture...only him with no other person besides him when they came from the out of the country vacation!

Angelica then was offended with these words of mouth of Gretchen and replied sarcastically saying, "single ka 'teh" posting these on Angel's twitter account. And that how the intrigues between these ladies started! But these issues eventually died a natural cause!

Now, it was confirmed that the "Rubi" star Ms. Angelica Panganiban will be doing a major teleserye with Magkaribal's Victoria, Ms. gretchen Barretto!

It was reported that "Magkaribal" will end this month of October. But the fans of La Greta need not to worry since after her fashionserye, there is another big project allotted for her. This is a new teleserye with Angelica.

It wasn't yet confirmed if the hunk Universal Leading Man Mr. Derek Ramsey will be their leading man. But for sure, Angelica and Gretchen will be together in the next exciting TV series of ABS-CBN!

On the other hand, we may recalled that there is an existing gap between Gretchen's younger sister Claudine Barretto and Angelica. Until now, these two were not yet reported okay! How will this affect the upcoming tandem of La Greta and Angel?! Will it still prosper besides the gap?!

Well, we will all wait and see. What is more important now is that there is another exciting TV series for these controversial actresses! We'll gonna wait for that! So hot..!!! C",)

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