'Beautiful Girl' Steps on Its Final Fate!

Your Song Presents "Beautiful Girl" featuring the first ever tandem of the Asian Pop Idol Mr. Christian Bautista and Malaysian Darling Ms. Carmen Soo will finally step on their last destiny as the story on this mini Sunday TV series ends tomorrow!

Would it be a happily ever after for James (Christian Bautista) and Hannah (Carmen Soo) now that a mystery is yet to reveal?! Or would it be an unexpected tragic romance?! How far will love brings two people together?!

On the final episode of this romantic series, Hannah will finally discover that the heart of her former love was given to James. She didn't expect that an unknown man is now owning the heart of the former love of her life!

On the other hand, James then will finally found the woman in his dreams! The long wait is over since he will now meet the lady he keeps on searching for! Will the revelation of the truth lead these two hearts together or will it drives them apart?!

Carmen expressed her excitement and fun with their first project with Ian. She even hopes that there were be another one for them very soon! Meanwhile Christian considers his experience here in Your Song Presents as a learning experience since he wasn't a good actor! He even hopes that more projects will come between the two of them! Kakilig!

Well, let's all see tomorrow afternoon what love will bring Hannah and James in Your Song Presents right after ASAP XV! So romantic...! Yeah! C",)

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  1. I just wish it was a longer tv series..The fans are left wanting more of Carmen and Christian.

  2. We want more of Carmen Soo..She's so talented and beautiful.