What Will Be the Final Fate of Agua and Bendita?!

Everybody is really avidly watching the final week of this phenomenal hit fantasy series called "Agua Bendita"! Now that two more nights to go before its much-awaited finale, this said TV series is the talk of the town! More and more people were switching to Primetime Bida so that they didn't missed any episodes of this hit TV series craze!

What will be the final destiny of Agua and Bendita?! Will they be still alive in the end?! Will they able to escape the cruelty of the people around them?! And what will be the consequences of the people who betrayed them?!

"Agua Bendita" started in Primetime Bida last February 2010. It replaces the former hit inspirational TV series "May Bukas" which launched Zaijan Jaranilla as the new hottest child wonder! We didn't all expect that this new fantasy-drama series will also became a huge hit! It also paved the way for the rise in stardom of Andi Eigenmann and the child star Xyriel Ann Manabay.

Xyriel played on the early episodes of the said series as the young Agua and Bendita. The child was well-loved by many people. Due to consistency in its TV ratings both Nationwide and in Mega Manila as a top-rater, an issue arise that Andi will not anymore appear in the said soap. But, all were shocked when Andi first appeared on this TV series on the month of April as the beautiful Agua and Bendita since the TV rating of it even more gets higher and higher!

Even now that it's already in its final week, the rating soars higher beating all its rival! Mega Manila and Nationwide TV ratings were dominated by these half-human half-water girls!

On its final night this coming Friday, will all the things return to its normal form? Will Agua and Bendita finally became human forms? What will happen to Wowa (Pilar Pilapil) as well as the other villains namely Baldo (Carlos Agassi) and Criselda (Dimples Romania)? Will Ronnie (Matteo Guidiceili) meant for Agua while Paco (Jason Abalos) meant for Bendita?! And who's life will be put in danger?!

These were some of the 'major major' questions in the minds of the viewers?! As this soap approaches its final day, the episode becomes more and more breath-taking! I hope I can go home early and watch the last two episodes of this hit everybody's favorite, "Agua Bendita"! Nice one and congratz guys! C",)

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