TV Series in the Field of Medicine!

Everyone of us is already familiar with the TV series wherein the story revolves around medicine. In US, there was a hit TV series called "Grey's Anatomy". Then just recently, ABS-CBN made their own 'nurserye' called "Habang May Buhay" starring Ms. Judy Ann Santos!

Actually "Habang May Buhay" was patterned or inspired with "Grey's Anatomy". But the question goes, did they really surpassed this original hit US medical series?

If you were to ask me, I really love both the two shows. Yeah, I like to watch different TV series which tackle medicine and anatomy of the human body!

I like how the actors dressed in this type of TV series. I love how they wear their nursing scrub uniforms. They really look like a real nurse or doctors! A female TV series actress looks very pretty while a male TV series actor looks very hunky and handsome while wearing custom made scrubs! Imagine the hunky looks of Derek Ramsey in "Habang May Buhay" or the gorgeous professional looks in one of the actors of "Grey's Anatomy"!

The story looks very interesting when a cast wears a scrub medical uniform. It seems that more mysteries and secrets were about to reveal!

"Grey's Anatomy" and "Habang May Buhay" were two of the TV series in the field of medicine! But their genre were mostly dramas! I hope next time, we could also have a TV series in the field of medicine but the genre is horror and suspense! Yup, I really love horrors! Hope they can implement horrors in the field of medicine as a new trends in TV series! C",)

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