Ryan Agoncillo is 'Lady Dada'!

What if a young handsome man turns into a gorgeous sexy lady?

Well, this could be the most exciting event to watch out as a man turns into a woman! And this could be the biggest role and challenge to Judy Ann Santos' real life husband Ryan Agoncillo!

Yup, Ryan Agoncillo is TV5's "Lady Dada"!

"Lady Dada" is the upcoming new mini-TV series in the Kapatid network. And this gives Mr. Ryan Agoncillo a big break in the Philippine TV aside from hosting as he leads in a starring role!

Ryan will play the role of Dindo, a very successful business but had a big failure in their marriage with Rina (Mylene Dizon). Since the couple separated with a conflict, he was prohibited to see his son!

Due to this, his closest bestfriend who is now a literally gay-man running a fashion parlor played by Keempee De Leon helped him camouflage himself from a man to a woman! Dindo is now the so-called "Lady Dada"! He did this just to see his own son!

But being now as a woman gives more conflicts in their lives! "Lady Dada" was even courted by Rina's widower brother Henry (Roderick Paulate)!

Hmmm...it seems so cool and full of laughter and fun! Let's all witness how Ryan Agoncillo would look like if she turns into a lady this coming Wednesday, September 8 only in TV5! Nice! C",)

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