Only One Face of Maja Salvador Remains in the Final Episode of 'Impostor'!

The two faces of Maja Salvador who plays a dual role as Mariz and Devin in this hit romantic afternoon soap "Impostor" were once again merged into one! It is because the original Maja's character as Mariz died!

When Devin and Anthony (Sam Milby) were about to gunshot by Mariz' wicked doctor sister (Precious Lara Quigaman), Mariz immediately saves the lives of the two leading her to got the shots!

Mariz eventually felt to the floor and leave all she had to Devin and Anthony before she finally passed away! Her sister was so sorry for what happened, for her own sin!

After one year, this bad surgical doctor was already housed in the hospital. This time in the mental hospital! Yeah, she became insane about the tragic event!

Then finally, Devin and Anthony got married! All were surprised after a person who is possessing the face of the original Devin (Melai Cantiveros) got the flower bucket. This time, Melai Cantiveros is a policewoman! What happen next...?!

Well, let us once again watch this happy ending though tragic in the start finale of Precious Hearts Romances Presents "Impostor"! Specially to those who missed it yesterday, here is now your chance! C",)

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