'Momay' Returns to Heaven in Her Final Episode!

Our friendly ghost "Momay" finally returns to heaven in the final episode of this hit Pre-Primetime fantasy drama series! But before the ascension of "Momay", she ensures that all her love ones will be safe and in good condition right after the tragedy!

The house was burning! Hilary (Glydel Mercado) put Shirley (Lorna Tolentino) in the burning house! Immediately Justine (Ejay Falcon) and Momay (Xyriel Ann Manabat) hurriedly came to save their mother! More rescues came afterward!

Meanwhile, Valerie Velasco's character admitted that her dad was the one who burned the house! Her conscience prevails and she tells the truth! Her father then was captured by the policemen.

Though the person who burned the house was finally captured, the tragedy was not yet over! Hilary is about to gunshot Justin! But the police was the first to gunshot Hilary causing her for her immediately death!

Hilary's soul left her human body! But though she was already a soul, she can't accept that she was already dead! Then a big hand of fire get the soul of Hilary! She is about to put in the sea of fire!

When the things were finally put in their proper places, Momay is very glad to leave the earth! She now returns to our Creator!

Well, let us all see once more this complete final episode of "Momay"! Afterward, let us then apply the moral lessons in life this TV series gave us! Bye-bye "Momay"! C",)

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