A Musical Pilot Episode of 'Idol'!

The musical TV series of Primetime Bida called "Idol" started with music! Yup, on its pilot episode, music serenaded our TV!

We all witnessed the singing career of Billie (Sarah Geronimo). She was part of the singing contest and eventually won the crown! Of course her childhood bestfriend Vince (Sam Milby) is always on her side!

But Vince has a secret feelings for his bestfriend Billie. He didn't know how to tell this feeling to his bestfriend!

On the other hand, Billie didn't think that Vince would fall for her. According to her, if Vince is loving her more than a friend, he would tell her exactly how he feels! But she hears nothing from Vince!

But what if destiny paved the way to separate these two best of friends?! And how will Lando (Coco Martin) enters the story?! Well, join me as I watch the full pilot episode of "Idol"! Let's feel the love between the music of Vince and Billie! So nice pilot episode! C",)

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