Meet the Characters Around 'Grazilda'!

The so-called 'modern day Cinderella' just recently started in GMA's Telebabad. All of us finally witnessed how the life of "Grazilda" started from being one of Cinderella's evil step sister in the land of Fantasia.

Ms. Glaiza De Castro portrays the role of "Grazilda"! We already knew her from the pilot episode of this GMA's new fantasy series. But did you already knew the other people around Grazilda?!

Well, let's get to know the characters around the life of Grazilda! These were the people that would either make the life of Grazilda happy or would create a living hell for her! Who among these were bad? Then who were gentle and kind?!

Glaiza de Castro as 'Grazilda'

Geoff Eigenmann as 'Eric'

Benedict Campos as 'Prince Charming'

Jolina Magdangal as 'Fairy God Mother of Cinderella'

Gwen Zamora as 'Cinderella'

Rio Locsin as 'Matilda'

Dyanin Cruz as 'Anatalia'

Cherie Gil as 'Veronne'

Joel Torre as 'Fernando'

Yasmiend Kurdi as 'Cindy'

Stef Prescott as 'Tonette'

Angelie Nicole Sayon as 'Jik Jik'

Bodie Cruz as 'Ben'

Now did you spot who among them were good and bad?!

We first knew Grazilda as Cinderella's bad stepsister. She makes the life of Cinderella miserable. Until the time of Cinderella's wedding, Grazilda steal the shoe.

This didn't allow by Cinderella's Fairy Godmother (Jolina Magdangal). She teaches Grazilda a lesson. She throw Grazilda in our real world!

From being a wealthy daughter in Fantasia, Grazilda will live the same life Cinderella had! Here in our real world, Grazilda will be living together with her stepmother Veronne (Cherie Gil) and with her two stepsisters! Yasmin Kurdi playing Cindy will be the elder one while Stef Prescott as Tonette, the spoiled brat were the two stepsisters that will put the life of Grazilda on hardships and trials!

Of course just like Cinderella, Grazilda will also have her own Prince Charming! If Benedict Campos plays the Prince Charming of Cinderella (Gwen Zamora), then Geoff Eigenmann playing the character of Eric will be Grazilda's night of the shinning armor! Ben played by Bhodie Cruz will be Eric's good friend!

Jik Jik (Angeli Nicole Sanoy) will be Grazilda's friend in the mortal world! She will serve as Grazilda's side-kick here in our world!

Completing the real family of Grazilda in their land in Fantasia, Rio Locsin plays the role of the evil stepmother of Cinderella named Matilda. She is the real mother of Grazilda! Joel Torre playing the character of Fernando is Grazilda's real father. Anatalia (Dyanin Cruz) is the real sister of Grazilda, the other stepsister of Cinderella!

Now the question goes, will Grazilda also has a Fairy Godmother just like Cinderella?! If yes, who will she is?! Who will be the other characters that will interact with Grazilda?! Then how will Grazilda changes from rich to poor, from bad to good?!

Well, we will see all these things in the next exciting episodes of "Grazilda" only in GMA's Telebabad! These photos where from Grazilda's Fan page in Facebook! C",)

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