A Brand New World for Eli and Gabriel in 'Noah'!

The hit fantasy TV series of the ultimate heartthrob Piolo Pascual and the child wonder Zaijan Jaranilla is coming to the new world!

Labeled as 'Bagong Mundo, Bagong Yugto', "Noah" is now entering its new season! This time Eli (Zaijan Jaranilla) will be living in our urban world, in the city!

Finally Eli will be living together with his real father Gabriel (Piolo Pascual). But he will undergo major adjustments in life! Would it be harder for him to live the city life than his previous life in the forest?!

On the latest episodes, the known ungta mother (Ana Capri) of Eli finally decided to give the child to his real father. Though it was hard for her to give the child she owned, it's a must since Eli's life in the forest is in danger! The group of Caleb (Baron Geisler) will continue hunting him and kill him! She even admitted to the child that the keys they got were all false! They just say that the opening of the door in "Noah" was real to keep Eli on them!

Immediately, Gabriel brought Eli in their home in the city. Ridding in the boat, the real father and son were welcomed by their love ones!

What are the other difficulties Eli will face in the city?! Will he finally accepts his real father?! Can Gabriel convince Ruth (Jodi Sta. Maria) that their child Jacob is alive?! What will happen to the first encounter of Ruth and Eli?! And will Gabriel be saved from danger since he was gunshot?!

Well, these were just some of the exciting new episodes that we should need to watch this week in the Nationwide top-rating "Noah" only in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida! Can't wait on these...! C",)

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