'Imortal' Characters Reveal in a New Teaser!

A new trailer teaser of this highly anticipated fantasy series called "Imortal" was recently shown in ABS-CBN. In this new teaser, not only the playdate was revealed. But the major characters were also introduced!

Ms. Angel Locsin will be playing the role of Lia and Mr. John Lloyd Cruz will assume the character of Mateo. They two will be the major characters in the story. Though from two different clan, they two will have the so called "pag-ibig na Imortal..."!

But aside from Angel and JLC, the other stars in this exciting TV series were Maricar Reyes, Rico Blanco, Jomari Ylana, Jake Roxas, Vivian Velez, Rocky Salumbides, and Jaime Fabregas. What will be their corresponding roles in this most exciting vampire TV series?

Well, here is the new teaser of "Imortal". This new teaser is intended to introduce the new characters that we will avidly watch every night. So, let's all get to know them! And finally this coming October, the long wait will be over since "Imortal" will be finally shown in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida! Hayz...I really can't wait on this! Great one! Two thumbs up! C",)

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