The Beginning of the Tale of 'Grazilda'!

The book of the greatest fairy tale of all time called "Cinderella" once again opened. But this time, the story was not focused on Cinderella. Rather it emphasized in one of her cruel stepsister, "Grazilda"! Jolina Magdangal playing as the fairy godmother narrates the story!

In this pilot episode, it tells how the story of "Grazilda" started from the day her mother Matilda (Rio Locsin) met her father Fernando (Joel Torre) up to the time she met and becomes frustrated with the Prince Charming (Benedict Campos)!

Her named "Grazilda" was also showed how it was derived!

Then this pilot episode showed us how Cinderella becomes related to the family of Grazilda. Since Grazilda's real father was deployed back to the mortal world by the Fairy Godmother, her mother married another man, the father of Cinderella!

We also witnessed why Grazilda becomes cruel to Cinderella! And we already knew why Grazilda becomes cruel and full of anger and jealousy!

Then of course, we watched how Grazilda met Prince Charming. Grazida accidentally met first the Prince Charming before he was captured by the beauty of Cinderella!

So, are you excited to see once again the pilot episode of "Grazilda"?! Well, let us all see how the story of Grazilda began! Here is the complete pilot episode of the so-called modern day Cinderella, "Grazilda"! It's so beautiful and it lead us back to the world of fairy tales! Nice one! C",)

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