'Beautiful Girl' Pilot Episode - From a Dream to Malaysia!

The much awaited tandem of Christian Bautista and Carmen Soo in Your Song Presents: "Beautiful Girl" started this Sunday. And their love story started from a dream going to Malaysia!

A hot topless Christian Bautista opened the show! He was dreaming. The heart operation which he underwent flashed in his dream! But aside from his heart transplant, an unknown girl appeared on his dream!

He didn't know who this mystery girl is. He then got curious to know her!

To search for an answer, Christian Bautista playing the role of Architect Arthur decided to visit Malaysia. He is hopeful to see the girl in his dream!

In the beautiful country of Malaysia, he met the beautiful Malaysian tour guide (Carmen Soo). And there's something about this girl that was dictated by his heart!

What will the dream lead to these two characters? Will Arthur finally found the answer dictated by his heart?! Will this Malaysian girl fall to the stranger she just know?!

Well, here is the complete pilot episode of "Beautiful Girl"! This first episode really leads our heart to fall inlove with characters of Christian Bautista and Carmen Soo! Nice one! C",)

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