'Si Paco at ang Prinsesa' Pairs JC De Vera and Carmen Soo!

For the first time the Malaysian actress Ms. Carmen Soo and the TV5 hottest hunk heartthrob of Primetime Mr. JC De Vera teamed in a special light-romance comedy drama anthology. This is in JC's weekly program called "5 Star Special.

JC will play the role of a policeman named Paco while Carmen will play the role of princess Amara of Megalucia in an episode entitled "Si Paco at ang Prinsesa"!

Well, the two of them really posted a perfect chemistry! Both JC and Carmen fits for their respective roles as a policeman and as a princess!

Both of them were good in comedy! Of course we will also feel 'kilig' as we see them in their scenes.

So here is a quick trailer of their upcoming episode which will be air tonight at the Kapatid network! The trailer really looks cool, funny, and very nice! Let's all watch this! Hope to see more JC and Carmen tandems in the future! C",)

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