The Three New Princessses of Teleserye!

Three newcomers, three new faces, three successful TV series, three domination of new princesses! Erich Gonzales, Empress Schuck, and Andi Eigenmann are now the three new superstars of teleseryes!

It's good to know that these three ladies rise in stardom in a similar way! Before they were really unknown. But after they were launched in their own TV series, they eventually became famous! And of course their first TV series wherein they were in a starring role were truly topnotchers! Great!

Erich Gonzales was first launched in her own teleserye called "Katorse". She was paired there with Ejay Falcon, Xian Lim, and Enchong Dee! Her first starring soap became so successful! Her tandem with Enchong Dee was even loved by people. Therefore afterward, they were further given other more new soaps like "Tangng Yaman", and "Magkaribal"!

Another new princess was launched in a fantasy-drama TV series in daytime called "Rosalka"! This is also the first starring role of Empress Schuck in a major TV series. Two leading men were given to her namely Matt Evans and Felix Rocco! This also marks her rise in stardom as her daytime soap becomes another hit!

The third new princess is also launched in another fantasy-drama TV series. This is in the phenomenal huge hit "Agua Bendita" which is a consistent top-rater both nationwide and in Mega Manila! Even the name Andi Eigenmann is now a very famous name today! Playing a dual role as Agua and Bendita with of course two partners namely Jason Abalos and Matteo Guidiceili is very much loved and appreciated by many people!

They three were now dominating our TV screens! But not only that, TV commercials, endorsements, and magazine covers were now in their hands! Nice! They three were another newborn star products of ABS-CBN! And also another products of TV series!

So for Erich, Empress, and Andi, a great salute to your success! Keep it up! All were really inspired and impressed with the three of you!

Hmmm...if I were to ask you, who among these three new teleserye princesses you like and love the most, who will be your answer?! Who among them is the brightest?! Well, you may speak up your answer in our current survey poll! C",)

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