Rafael Rosell and Denise Laurel Shares Sexy Scenes in 'Midnight Phantom'!

This week will be the most daring scenes of these hottest sexy stars in the Precious Hearts Romances Presents "Midnight Phantom"!

The hot sexy hunk Rafael Rosell and the sexy singer actress Denise Laurel will share an intimate love scene.

Playing the role of Brandon, the so-called "Midnight Phantom", Rafael Rosell and his love interest in the story Nadia played by Denise Laurel were together in one island. In this hot temptation island, another love scene will happen between these two lovers.

Meanwhile, Nadia's mother Anya (Ina Raymundo) finally discovered that the boyfriend of her daughter is also the man of her past! What will then be the action of Anya as she discovered the truth behind the "Midnight Phantom"! Will the plan revenge of Brandon to Anya still prosper as he finally fall in love with the daughter of the woman he hated most?!

And according to the TV rating results, "Midnight Phantom" consisted grabbed the highest rating during their timeslot! The latest rating of this series posted a victorious 17.6% versus its rival which only got an 11%! According to many, the secret of this high rating got by this Martha Cecilia's pocketbook which turned to be a TV series is because of the sexy scenes portrayed by the two main characters! They two including Ms. Ina Raymundo were very effective in their respective roles!

Well, be the first to catch the sexy intimate scenes of Rafael and Denise this week. And two more weeks to go before this hottest afternoon soap bid goodbye. So be able to catch these hottest moments! C",)

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  1. Midnight Phantom is the first tagalog series that I've watched, and it's the best series for me, even compare to the other series that I've watched outside the country. It's a captivating and overwhelming series, well ofcourse, the leads Rafael Rosell and Denise Laurel were both so good and effective in this drama. I hope to see more from them in the future :) Goodluck guys! I can predict that you'll have a good career ahead because both of you deserves it! ABS made the right decision for pairing you two and making the new hottest love team, nakakasawa kasi kung pa ulit-ulit nalang lagi! :)