Kim Chiu and Alex Castro Posted a Perfect Pair in 'Maling Akala'!

A perfect chemistry between these two young stars is very much seen in their weekly comedy mini-series called "Maling Akala", this month's installation of Your Song Presents!

Though it is a first ever team-up, Kim Chiu and Alex Castro's tandem in this said series is very much appreciated by many! It seems that Alex Castro can now replace Gerald Anderson as Kim Chiu's new perfect partner!

In the story, Alex is pretending to be truly falling inlove with the character of Ms. Kim Chiu! Alex is the son of the attorney played by John Apacible who wants to get the wealth from the Anda family. He instructed his son to let Yen (Kim Chiu) to fall inlove with him so that they can easily invade the family and get the wealth they want! The same thing John's character is doing to Yen's mother Buena (Ai-Ai Delas Alas) who is now falling inlove with him!

But on the last episode which will be seen today, Alex's character seems that truly falling inlove with Yen! He will follow his own feeling and will disobey his father! He will even sacrifice his own life just to save Yen from tragedy!

Because of this, the true colors of father and son John and Alex will finally reveal! Yen then doubts Alex and will hate him rather that accepts his renewed true feeling. And of course, the life of the main characters will now be put on threat as the truth unfolds!

Will there be a chance for the blooming of true love between Alex and Kim's character here? Will Yen forgive Alex? How about the character of Van Roxas? Will he be the third party between Kim and Alex? And how will this cool story ends?!

Well, we will all see later this afternoon as "Maling Akala" will bid farewell right after ASAP XV! This show really created a new tandem to beat, Alex Castro and Kim Chiu! They two were truly perfect as both of them were very cute and good-looking! How about you, do you agree?! Will Alex Castro can now replace Gerald Anderson?! What then will be the name of their new tandem?! C",)

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