Aga Muchlach and Tom Rodriquez Fight for One Girl in 'M3'!

The Saturday night comedy series starring Ms. Ai-Ai Dela Alas and Mr. Aga Muchlach called "Malay Mo Ma-Develop" is starting to be hotter and hotter as two hunks fight for one girl!

The hot hunk ex-housemate of PBB Double-Up Tom Rodriquez will be the rival of Aga Muchlach in the heart of the beautiful Megan Young!

Tom Rodriquez is playing the role of Ted, the current boyfriend of the ex-girlfriend of JM (Aga Muchlach), Bea (Megan Young)!

Though Bea is currently committed to Ted, it seems that the girl is still falling inlove with her ex! On confrontation between JM and Bea, Bea hardly admits that she is not anymore inlove with JM!

Until the roads of the four important persons in this show namely JM, Bea, Ted, and Kringkring (Ai-Ai Delas Alas) collided with one another!

In a party, these four characters unexpectedly met! But a more unexpected incident happened! Ted will be involved in a harassment with JM's sexy secretary (Nina Jose) that will trigger a fight between the two hunks and will create a breakage in the relationship of Ted and Bea!

What will await in the relationship of Bea and Ted?! Will this lead to the reconciliation of the former lover Bea and JM? What then will be the impact of it in the character of Kringkring?! And who will emerge as the sexier between JM and Ted?!

Well, these were just few of the questions and some of the next chapters that we should await in this crazy-cool comedy TV series of ABS-CBN every Saturday nights! Two hunks fighting one another for a one sexy girl! But, what will now happen to Kringkring as the focus of war between these two hot men is only for Bea?! We will wait and see...! C",)

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