Cristine Reyes and Zanjoe Marudo: The Sexiest Pair on Primetime!

After two years of having a sexy-serye called "Eva Fonda", Ms. Cristine Reyes is now back on Primetime with another sexy series! But this time, the sexiness and hottest was doubled as Cristine is paired up with a counter sexy leading man in the person of Zanjoe Marudo!

Zanjoe Marudo and Cristine Reyes is now one of the hottest and most seductive pairs in Martha Cecilia's "Kristine"!

Playing as Jewel Fortalejo and Jaime De Silva respectively, Cristine and Zanjoe were the two most awaited and most watched pair in this said TV series.

On the recent episodes of "Kristine", we all witnessed the meeting of Jewel and Jaime. Actually they met accidentally in the market ramble in the province of Paso De Blas!

To attain the goal of Jewel in the province, she forced Jaime to pretend that they were a married couple! In one house, they stay together!

Besides their camouflage sweetness in front of the people, when they were together, a love-hate tandem exist between the two! Their cool team-up was very much appreciated by many!

Actually this is not the first time that Cristine and Zanjoe played together! In the recent seasons of the gag show called Banana Split, Zanjoe and Cristine played the spoof of Jhun Pyo and Jan Di! So cool!

Now, avid viewers were looking forward for a much sexier characters of Cristine and Zanjoe! They were oozing with steam hotness! Putting them together really created a burning fire in our cold nights! So don't miss the hotness between these two pairs only here in Precious Hearts Romances Presents: "Kristine"! Sooo hot...C",)

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  1. mas nakakakilig ang loveteam nina rafael and sila yung most watched pair in this said TV series and not cristine and zanjoe.
    mas marami ang nababaliw sa rafnise!!:))

  2. rafnise lang ang nagdadala ng show na kristine sila ang mas kinababaliwan ngayon...magaling ang pagkakaganap nila bilang emerald and marco...hilaw pa ang zanjoe-cristine tandem

  3. absolutely agree, i definitely go for denise and rafel

  4. zanjoe and cristine parin ang the best.

  5. we love zantine very much, panalo yan sa amin, GO ZANTINE..

  6. im so sorry sa rafnise fans wla talagang kilig para sa akin peru ok lang yan kanya kanya naman tayo. ang ZANTINE sa banana spit palang idol ko na sila, talagang nakakakilig sila grabe...thanks sa kristine series..

    we love cristine and zanjoe very very much..