Unveiling The Dark Secret of 'Midnight Phantom'!

This Monday, another new love story from the best-seller pocketbook of Martha Cecilia is about to discover! This is called "Midnight Phantom", another new installation of Precious Hearts Romances Presents (PHR)!

What is the mystery behind the man known as the "Midnight Phantom"?!

"Midnight Phantom" will be played by the hot hunk actor Rafael Rosell. Again, he will be paired with the gorgeous singer-actress Denise Laurel!

Rafael will play the role of Brandon which is better known as "Midnight Phantom"! He got a sweet voice. With his loving voice, every woman got captivated by him!

But behind this sweet loving voice, a dark secret is within. He had a scar on his face that will reveal his dark past. He got in love with a woman who broke his heart and put a scar on his face!

Until a college lady named Nadja (Denise) fell in love with him. But this lady is the daughter of the woman who put a scar on Brandon!

Will love prevails over vengeance?! Will true love heals the wound and the scar of the past?!

We may note that Denise and Rafael already starred before in the previous PHR series including "Bud Brothers", "You’re Mine Only Mine" and "Substitute Bride". But "Midnight Phantom" will launch them as a official love team!

This is directed by the box-office director Ms. Cathy Garcia-Molina and will star on Monday right after "Panahon Ko 'To". Ms. Ina Raymundo also joined them with her special role as Anya! C",)

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