The Story of Love and Vengeance in 'Kristine' Series!

The longest of all the Precious Hearts Romances Presents TV series is about to witness in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida. Having a total of 53 books and the most best-selling pocketbook today, "Kristine" Series will also be the longest TV series installation of PHR. This is another great work of Martha Cecilia.

PHR "Kristine" is star with four of the brightest and sexiest star today. Denise Laurel, Rafael Rosell, Zanjoe Marudo, and Cristine Reyes will surely put our nights on fire. It is said to replace the Philippine adaptation of the Mexiconovela "Rubi" starring Angelica Panganiban so expect that this new TV series will be shown on the latter part of Primetime Bida. But, this new soap will be 'hotter', sexier, and more daring than "Rubi" since as you can see, the main casts itself with their hot bodies tell how the story will go! Haha!

But before talking of 'hotness' and 'sexiness', the story of "Kristine" series is even hotter! It is a tale of the two clan fighting one another! It's an unstoppable vengeance between two families that last almost two decades. But will the vengeance continues on the present time when the youngest generation of their clan fall with one another?!

Cristine Reyes and Zanjoe Marudo will play the role of Jewel and Bernard respectively! The series will tell how these two people fight for their love despite that their clans were fighting one another! It such a 'you and me against the world' or a 'Romeo and Juliet' love affair but in a more intense manner!

Though not yet started and only the teaser was shown in ABS-CBN, everybody really awaits this new exciting and interesting teleserye in Primetime Bida! Hmmm...I just wonder why the title of the story was called "Kristine" since the name of the main character is Jewel and not Kristine? And who is "Kristine" in the character of the story?! Well, it's for us to find out soon! C",)

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