The Original 'Midnight Phantom' Pocketbook

Precious Hearts Romances Presents "Midnight Phantom" is currently hitting our TV screen with unusual love story. Brandon, or the midnight DJ known as the "Midnight Phantom" is captivating the hearts of many by his sweet voice and by his handsome (though with a scar) face and sexy body.

But did you ever wonder how the original pocketbook looks like? Well, take a quick glance on the two images below:

Yup, these are the two covers of the original PHR "Midnight Phantom" pocketbook. From the best-selling author Martha Cecilia comes one of the great love stories.

The super sexy hunk model actor Rafael Rosell and another sexy singer actress Ms. Denise Laurel one again paired to give life to the two main characters of the story. Brandon (Rafael) had a dark past which continuously haunting him because of the scar it leaved on his face. Because of this past, he will make a revenge to the woman (played by Ina Raymundo) he loved before but hurt him leaving him with a scar. His first plan was to use her daughter (Denise) but later on, he finds himself falling in love with the woman's daughter!

The rest of the story is for you to watch on TV! =)

Now, have you able to read the original story in the pocketbook? What can you say? Have you able to compare the original story written in the pocketbook versus the one now shown in the TV remake?! Well, either reading on a pocketbook or watching it on TV, still "Midnight Phantom" is a great love story! C",)

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