The Last 2 Episodes of "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo"! (July 8, 2010)

We're counting to the last episode of this hit TV series called "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo"! This is the second to the last episode nearing to the most breath-taking and most explosive finale!

On this part, thriller intensified! Action and fight scenes were mostly seen!

Ringo (Coco Martin) already got Celine (Kris Aquino) and bury her in the ground. Robbie (Gerald Anderson), Gwen (Kim Chiu), and Steve (Gabby Concepcion) keep on finding Celine! Gwen even blamed her father Steve for not fighting for them. Until she decided to go with Ringo to save her mother!

At last, Ringo caught Gwen! Gwen willingly submit herself to Ringo. But Steve keep on running to save his daughter! Until he was gun shot by Ringo!

In the car, Gwen and Ringo keep on fighting! She wanted to go out from the car since Ringo broke his promise of not hurting anyone!

Finally, Ringo able to bring Gwen to the hospital where his mother was there! They were now ready to get the kidney of Gwen to be given to Asrud (Jacklyn Jose)! On the other hand, the group of Robbie is about to save Gwen!

So, once again, here is the pre-final episode of TV series we all love!

2ND To The Last Episode:

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