'Kristine' Series Teaser!

The next installation of Precious Heart Romances Presents also came from the best-selling pocketbooks of Martha Cecilia. This is the "Kristine" series! The said new romance story has 51 books in the series so expect that this will run longer compared with the other PHR offerings.

"Kristine" series is top-billed by the first ever tandem of FHM's Sexiest Women runner-up Ms. Kristine Reyes and the hot hunk actor Zanjoe Marudo! Zanjoe will play the role of Bernard da Silva while Cristine will play Jewel Fortalejo.

Completing the sexy pair of Cristine and Zanjoe were the PHR favorite pair Rafael Rosell and Denise Laurel! Hmmm...seems that it's another 'sexy-serye' on TV as Rafael, Denise, Cristine, and Zanjoe fulfill our nights!

This new soap is said to replace "Rubi" which is now on its last three weeks!

Well, let us now see the teaser of this new romance-sexy TV series! It looks good and worth-watching! C",)

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