Marimar, Alwyna, Eva Fonda, and Fina Lead FHM Philippines Sexiest Women!

Who will you bet for this year's FHM Philippines Sexiest Women? Would it be Marimar, Alwyna, Eva Fonda, or the new comer Fina make it on the top spot?

Yup, these were the Primetime Leading Ladies who topped the current partial and unofficial FHM list of 2010 Sexiest Women. Marian Rivera is at No. 1 followed by Angel Locsin at No. 2 spot and Christine Reyes at No. 3. Erich Gonzales before is at No. 4 but now drop at No. 5 since Iwa Motto replaces her on her slot.

Marian Rivera

Angel Locsin

Christine Reyes

Erich Gonzales

Well to give you the complete top 10 ranking of this year's sexiest Pinay, here you go:

1. Marian Rivera
2. Angel Locsin
3. Cristine Reyes
4. Iwa Moto
5. Erich Gonzales
6. Angelica Panganiban
7. Anne Curtis
8. Katrina Halili
9. Ehra Madrigal
10. Jennylyn Mercado

The rival Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin were neck to neck at Nos. 1 and 2. It was a big surprise for Erich Gonzales to enter in the list! It was her first time to be listed in FHM. What more, she enters at a high rank! Great!

The said ranking list is not yet final. It still a partial unofficial count. Their ranks will be changed. So keep on voting for your bet sexiest lady! The deadline is set to be on June 15, 2010!

Who do you think will make it on the top? Will Marian Rivera safe at No. 1? Will it be her second time to be hailed as the FHM's Sexiest Woman of the year? Or it will be for Angel Locsin again for the second time around? Or eventually, it's Christine Reyes consecutive turn? Will Erich Gonzales further goes up replacing Iwa Motto or even Christine, Angel, or Marian?! Well, we will all see as the final tally goes nearer!

But then, I would like to congratulate all these leading ladies who make it on Top 10! Goodluck to all of you! C",)

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  1. go ERICH!!! kayang kaya yan ng CHERIES at ERICHOLICS!!!!

  2. gottaluvlife176/5/10, 8:30 AM

    woah.. less than 2 weeks to vote!!!

    my vote goes to: erich gonzales!!!!

  3. GO ERICH!!!!!!!!

  4. Is this the updated unofficial result?

    on FHM's website, the very latest result shows that Erich Gonzales is number 7.

    Which do we, fans, rely on?

    Can the admin of this site help clarify this matter, please?