The Great Swap in 'Agua Bendita'!

The story of this top-rated fantasy series in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida gets more and more exciting! Specially on the next episodes, you will really get surprise as the great swap will happen!

On the latest chapters, we all witness the sacrifice and hardships faced by Agua (Andi Eigenmann) in the hands of Paco's parents (Dimples Romania and Carlos Agassi). They use the healing power of Agua to earn money.

Meanwhile Agua's loving parents, Marcial and Mercedez (John Estrada and Vina Morales) keep on finding Agua. But her twin sister Bendita (Andi Eigenmann) didn't want Agua to return in their home. She did all the bad things just to prevent Agua from coming back!

But, what will Bendita do if she suffer the life of Agua? And what will Agua do if she got the normal life Bendita had?! Yup, this is the great switch that will happen on the next part of the story! Agua will become Bendita and Bendita will become Agua!

A great mystery is about to witness! Agua will have the normal life and Bendita will become the water-human creature! Exciting ha! Let's all see how it will happen. Let us all unfold the mystery. Let's welcome this great swap...! It's really a must-see episode! Can't wait to see...C",)

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